Minister Canney welcomes stakeholder co-operation on River Shannon flood relief work

8 February 17

The clearing of trees from Madden’s Island to enhance the conveyance capacity and navigation along the River Shannon has been applauded by Minister of State for the Office of Public Works (OPW) and Galway East T.D., Deputy Seán Canney. Minister Canney has cited it as an excellent example of how various State and Government agencies can work together.

The Minister said, “The work on Madden’s Island is part of the many pro-active measures that I have instigated since becoming Minister and I am delighted that commitments given in relation to the River Shannon are being delivered upon.

Machinery from the OPW went on the River Shannon during the week, with the assistance of Waterways Ireland, to clear trees on Madden’s Island to enhance conveyance capacity and navigation of the Shannon.

Minister Canney paid tribute to the OPW, Waterways Ireland and the National Parks and Wildlife Service for coming together and working to ensure that the clearing of the trees was carried out. The Minister went on to say, “The operation is a wonderful example of how the various agencies with a stakeholder interest in the River Shannon can come together and work effectively to achieve sustainable solutions.

At its meeting on 2 December, 2016, the Shannon Flood Risk State Agency Co-ordination Working Group took an unprecedented decision to develop a plan for a strategic maintenance programme for the River Shannon. A Working Group is now being established to prepare these plans.

Minister Canney concluded, “As Minister for the OPW and Flood Relief, I am determined to support and assist all measures that will help in minimising flood risk on the River Shannon.



Madden's Island

  • Minister Seán Canney at Madden’s Island with OPW and Waterways Ireland Staff.