Minister Canney notes the announcement by Irish Water of the “Preferred Scheme” for the supply of water to the Eastern and Midlands Region

8 November 16

Séan Canney, Minister for the Office of Public Works and Flood Relief today (8 November, 2016) noted the publication by Irish Water of their “Final Options Appraisal Report” which identifies the preferred scheme for a new source of water supply for the Eastern and Midlands Region.

The Minister stated "Irish Water has today published the details of their preferred option for the Eastern and Midlands Water Supply Scheme, which will involve water abstraction from the Shannon River at the Parteen Basin. The proposed extraction of 330 million litres per day (approximately 4 cubic metres per second) is only a small fraction, less than 1%, of the volume of water that comes down the Shannon during a flood.  The proposed works will have little significant impact in reducing flood risk along the Lower Shannon River”.

The Minister went on to say “Irish Water is holding public consultation over the next fourteen weeks on the preferred scheme.  I am looking forward to discussing the details of the proposal with Irish Water and the other key stakeholders on the Shannon Flood Risk State Agency Co-ordination Working Group at its next meeting on the 2nd December, 2016 as part of the consultation process on the scheme".



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