Interdepartmental Flood Policy Co-ordination Group

1 December 16

The Interdepartmental Flood Policy Co-ordination Group is chaired by the Minister of State for the Office of Public Works and Flood Relief, Seán Canney TD. The purpose of the Group is to have regard to the extent of non-structural solutions that will inform the ten-year implementation strategy of the Flood Risk Management Plans and to ensure that policies that can benefit communities and individuals directly, including those outside of the areas of significant risk covered by the Plans - to be prepared and respond to or live with flood risk - are carefully considered.

The Group has met eight times since July 2015 and on November 8th, the Government agreed to the publication of a progress report from the Group. The Government also agreed to a number of recommendations made by the Group including the introduction of a once-off targeted Voluntary Homeowners Relocation Scheme and the continuation of the current strategy for improving availability of flood insurance cover.

The final Report of the Group is being informed and being aligned with the expected approval in Quarter 2 2017 of final Flood Risk Management Plans. The Group will again report to Government when these Plans have been approved.

The Interim Report and further information about the Group can be found here.