Flood and Erosion Mapping

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Past Flood Events - www.floodmaps.ie

The website www.floodmaps.ie contains information on recorded flood events in Ireland. You can search for recorded floods by location, either by using a map or by searching for a town or townland, grid reference or river. An advanced search tool allows you to refine your search by date and quality of information. You can use "Layer Control" to add additional data e.g. the land drained by OPW Drainage Schemes carried out under the Arterial Drainage Acts, 1945 and 1995, Drainage Districts carried out under previous acts (1844, 1863, 1925, 1928 etc.), land protected by embankments that were divided by the Land Commission, rivers, lakes and the location of hydrometric gauges.

‌Irish Coastal Protection Strategy Study

The Irish Coastal Protection Strategy Study (ICPSS) is a national study that was commissioned in 2003 with the objective of providing information to support decision making about how best to manage risks associated with coastal flooding and coastal erosion. The Study was completed in 2013 and provides strategic current scenario and future scenario (up to 2100) coastal flood hazard maps and strategic coastal erosion maps for the national coastline. This major study provides invaluable and essential information required to inform policy in this area, particularly for local authorities in relation to the proper planning and development of coastal areas.