Statement of Strategy: 2015 - 2017

The Office of Public Works is in the positive position of being able to make a real contribution to the economic recovery of our country. This Statement of Strategy sets out the Office's high-level goals
for the next three years. These goals are aimed at focussing the Office's contribution to Government policy in general and in the area of public sector reform in particular.

The Government is committed to public sector reform leading to a public service that is better integrated, responsive, efficient and more focused on strategic goals, on service users and on reducing the
cost of delivering public services. The OPW's Statement of Strategy outlines our contribution to these reforms over this period.

The OPW's two main business areas are (1) Estate Portfolio Management, which encompasses Heritage Services and (2) Flood Risk Management. These business areas are supported by Corporate
Services. Innovation and efficiencies in the OPW's business areas will contribute positively to Government's reform of the public sector.

Government aims to deliver greater value through more efficient management of the Government estate. This will be achieved through public service bodies sharing accommodation with one another
and use of modern open-plan layouts, facilitating new ways of working. This will require a smaller property footprint, allowing savings both by surrendering leases and by using more modern, energy
efficient buildings. The OPW will play a leading role in achieving this rationalisation. The Chairman of OPW is the Senior Responsible Owner of Public Service Reform in relation to property. The Property
Asset Management Delivery Plan is an ambitious programme of reforms, offering the potential for significant savings to the exchequer.

During the period of this Statement of Strategy, the OPW will complete the systematic national assessment of areas at risk of flooding, publish maps to identify those areas and finalise prioritised flood
risk management measures to mitigate risks. OPW will develop an implementation strategy for Government setting out how these mitigation measures may be implemented, contingent upon
appropriate resources being available to deliver the programme.

Since taking up my role in the OPW, I have been impressed by the team of staff and their professionalism, openness and commitment to change. I look forward to working with them on delivering the
ambitious objectives laid out in this Statement of Strategy.

Simon Harris, T.D
Minister of State