Measured Term Maintenance (MTM) Contract

In 2007, OPW introduced a Measured Term Maintenance (MTM) Contract to provide reactive and planned maintenance services for Government offices in the Dublin Region.  This has freed up OPW resources to focus on the state owned, historic buildings.  It has also reduced administration as the contract is in place with one contractor and there is no need for individual tendering for reactive works. 

This MTM contract has improved our property maintenance services by:

  • Implementing programmes of planned maintenance works, drawn from regular inspections of State property;
  • Utilising the MTM contract to deal with the day to day maintenance needs of both OPW and the Client Departments occupying State property.

MTM Helpdesk - Telephone 1850 - 804 - 161

Under this MTM contract, a helpdesk was set up to provide a 24 hour maintenance action line to cater for all property maintenance emergencies.  The helpdesk provides a central point of contact for OPW’s clients to register their problems and requirements.  The helpdesk will then filter the specific requests via pre defined routes as follows:

Service Required                  Responsible

Building Maintenance           Carron & Walsh (QS services)

Mechanical & Electrical        OPW Maintenance Helpdesk

Heritage Buildings               Building Maintenance Service (BMS)

Planned Works                    OPW


Requests are given a priority rating depending on the nature of the problem, e.g. work requires to be done within four hours, within 24 hours, within three days etc.

Previous Projects

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