Maintaining our Property Portfolio

OPW Property Maintenance Services has different specialist staff located across the State.

The Property Maintenance Services strategy is directed by the OPW’s Mission Statement:

“To use our experience and expertise in our mandated areas of operation to provide innovative, effective and sustainable shared services to the public and our clients.”

Property Maintenance also has a Policy and Support Unit that provides the policy service on Fire and Security, Furniture, Health & Safety and Asbestos Management to our in-house clients as well as Government departments and offices. Property Maintenance Services undertakes capital works up to the value of €500,000 for Government departments and State property, office fit-outs, upgrading and refurbishments.

Property Maintenance Main Image

Our Core Activities are:

  • Delivering our maintenance programme
  • Advancing our minor capital works programme based on priorities within the available capital allocations
  • Delivering a programme of client-funded works
Why do we carry out Maintenance Works?

If maintenance is not carried out to a property, it may lead to more intensive work to restore a building, often at greater cost. If a member of the public injures themselves on State property, this may result in a compensation claim against the State. This will have knock-on effects on the funding available for maintenance works.

A lack of maintenance services could lead to failure to comply with building and health & safety regulations, or fire safety, and result in a public building being closed. Maintenance services are also important for our cultural institutions and heritage properties. Lack of maintenance may result in the deterioration of historic buildings and reduce their architectural, artistic and cultural significance. This would have a negative effect on the tourism industry and result in damage to the reputation of the OPW.