Scheduled opening date of Skellig Michael announced

21 May 19


The OPW has today confirmed that they are finalising pre-season and safety works on Skellig Michael and are therefore happy to announce that the Island will open to visitors on Friday next, the 24th May.

Following recent spells of poor weather, conditions for the coming days appear promising and it is expected that visitors will be able to land on Skellig Michael from this weekend.   All visitors are reminded however that a trip to Skellig Michael can be very challenging and they should view the safety film available to view on the OPW’s website and on youtube Skellig Michael Safety Video

The site will remain open daily until the 30th September, which is the final day for visitors, after which it will formally close for the season until 2020. All access for visitors is through the relevant accredited local Boatmen and a list of these is available on