€1bn investment in flood relief announced in National Development Plan

16 February 18

Press Statement

The announcement of €1bn investment in flood relief management over the course of the next decade is a reflection of Government commitment to defend people’s homes and businesses, Minister of State for the OPW, Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran has said.

Speaking at the publication of the National Development Plan as part of the National Planning Framework, Minister Moran said the securing of up to €1bn will greatly advance the building of 130 flood relief schemes identified in the OPW’s Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management programme (CFRAM).

Today’s announcement is a reflection of this Government’s prioritising of flood risk management and the building of flood defences.” said Minister Moran.

Since becoming Minister, I have strongly argued for increased resources so that the OPW can get on with the vital task of building flood defences without being held back by a lack of funding or staff.

The important thing now is that the Government is recognising that the hardship and suffering by people from flood events must be tackled with a greater sense of urgency, by ramping up investment in the area. Personally, I am delighted to have secured this billion euro investment.

The National Planning Framework is about planning for the future and flood relief measures must be part of it,” said Minister Moran. Backing up the National Planning Framework is the National Development Plan. The National Development Plan sets out how the Government, using taxpayers money, will invest €116 billion over the next ten years.“This will bring the level of government infrastructural investment towards the top of the European league tables. By doing this investment over a decade, we can ensure that this significant increase in investment is done in a sustainable and prudent fashion that does not overheat or endanger our economic progress.