Minister Moran welcomes flood works at Sruffaunacashlaun Stream & Distillery Canal in Galway City

2 February 18

Kevin ‘Boxer’ Moran T.D., Minister of State with responsibility for the Office of Public Works (OPW) and Flood Relief visited Galway City today where works have been approved under the OPW’s Minor Flood Mitigation Works and Coastal Protection Scheme for a project at Sruffaunacashlaun Stream and Distillery Canal. A number of work elements are included which in the overall will mitigate against the flood risk to the NUIG campus and the Westside of the City. 

Speaking today, the Minister said, “Projects such as this one show my Office’s commitment to providing local authorities with the necessary funding to undertake very important local flood relief works. The Minor Flood Mitigation Works and Coastal Protection Scheme has been very successful to date in facilitating the carrying out of a whole range of works and studies by local authorities in all parts of the country.

The Minister went on to say, “I am delighted to announce the approval of this important Scheme for Galway City today.  The work to be undertaken by Galway City Council at the Sruffaunacashlaun Stream and Distillery Canal involves works to the open channel section of the stream and trash screen replacements, the carrying out of desilting works on Distillery Channel, tree cutting and vegetation clearing and the preparation of Appropriate Assessment screenings, further assessments and reports at a total cost of €494,000.

In relation to the Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management Programme (CFRAM), the Minister highlighted that this CFRAM study is nearing completion and is now providing the evidence to inform Government’s response to addressing the flood risk in Galway City and recognising the potential impacts of climate change. The Minister said, “The CFRAM Programme has identified a major flood relief scheme estimated to cost €9 million for the Spanish Arch, Claddagh, Docks and Salthill areas of the City. This scheme will address the history of flooding in these areas. My Office will work closely with Galway City Council and the public, so that the design and delivery of this flood relief scheme properly reflects the amenities and is integrated with other developments in these areas.

Minister Moran concluded, “Flood risk management is a major priority for this Government.  The Minor Flood Mitigation Works and Coastal Protection Scheme has been a particular success in the overall response to flood risk and this is demonstrated in the numbers - over 660 applications with a value of €40.7 million have been approved for local authorities to protect thousands of homes from flooding since 2009.  We are seeing major progress being achieved and we will continue with our endeavours in addressing the problem of flooding nationally.


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