Cabinet to consider Voluntary Homeowner Relocation Scheme at its next meeting

21 March 17

After attending today’s Government meeting, Minister of State for the Office of Public Works (OPW) and Flood Relief, Mr. Seán Canney T.D., announced that the Government will consider the administrative arrangements for a once-off targeted Voluntary Homeowner Relocation Scheme at the next Cabinet meeting which is scheduled for Tuesday 28 March.

The Minister said “This is an important proposal and the Government has already allocated an initial €2m for its implementation.  It is critical that this Government investment is targeted at those homeowners at greatest risk of future flooding and would gain greatest benefit from State support to relocate.  I look forward to discussing the detailed arrangements for the Scheme with the Cabinet next week”. 

He added that the Voluntary Homeowner Relocation Scheme is a Scheme to provide humanitarian assistance for those primary residential properties worst affected by the floods in the winter of 2015/2016 and for which there is no feasible alternative.


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