National Historic Properties

National Historic Properties (NHP) is responsible for the care, maintenance, management and presentation of some 30 significant properties and historic Parks, Gardens and designed landscapes across the State.

NHP is a key contributor to Irish Tourism and through our professional staff we support active research on the flora of Ireland and assist in the delivery of Third level education to horticulture students at the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin.  While our principal objective is to protect, conserve, maintain and present national historic properties we also encourage appropriate public access, through informal guided or organised events. We also provide a quality event management service to OPW, other Departments and the Government generally.

Palm House Botanic Gardens 500 Pixels Wide

NHP is responsible for the logistical support of State events and is responsible for the management of Conference Centres located at Dublin Castle, Castletown House, Farmleigh, Kilkenny Castle and Rathfarnham Castle. Our historic Parks and sites, such as the Phoenix Park and Oldbidge, Co. Meath,  ( provide significant cultural and heritage elements  of our nations history as well as excellent public walkways.

Dublin Castle Upper Yard

NHP Sites (PDF)