Flood Studies Update

The Flood Studies Report (FSR), published in 1975, remains the standard methodology for flood estimation in Ireland. In 2005, the Office of Public Works (OPW) began the Flood Studies Update (FSU) Programme, in line with the recommendation of the 2004 Report of the Flood Policy Review Group which stated that the development of new or recalibrated flood estimation methods in Ireland could significantly improve the quality and facility of flood estimation for the purposes of flood risk management.

The OPW is responsible for the specification, procurement and direct management of the FSU Programme with technical direction provided by a Technical Steering Group, comprising representatives of the primary state / semi-state organisations involved with hydrology, hydrometric monitoring and associated research in Ireland.  The FSR comprises six Work Groups as follows:

Work Group 1.      Meteorological Analysis

1.1 Met Data Preparation

1.2 Rainfall DDF

Work Group 2.      Hydrological Analysis

2.1 Hydological Data Preparation

2.2 Flood Frequency Anaylsis

2.3 Estimation of Index Flood at Ungauged Sites

Work Group 3.      Flood Hydrograph Analysis

3.1 Flood Hydrograph Width Analysis

3.2 Flood Event Analysis

3.3 Floodplain Attenuation Analysis

3.4 FSU Guidance on inputs for river modelling


Work Group 4.      Urban Catchment Flood Analysis

4.1 Scoping Study of Urban Flood Issues

4.2 FSU Guidance on Urban Flood Estimation

4.3 Effects of Urbanisation

Work Group 5.      Development of information systems

5.1 Study of Information systems

5.2 Base Flow Index from Soils

5.3 Preparation of Physical Catchment Descriptors


Work Group 6.      Dissemination and Publication of FSU products

6.2 - Publication of the FSU

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