Shannon Flood Risk State Agency Co-ordination Working Group


The Shannon Flood Risk State Agency Co-ordination Working Group was established in early 2016 by the Government to enhance on-going co-operation across all of the State Agencies involved with the River Shannon.

Membership and Terms of Reference (PDF)

The Group is focused on ensuring the best possible level of co-ordination between all of these statutory bodies. It is solutions focused and designed to deliver the highest level of efficiencies to add value to the Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Programme.

The Group is building on the existing work and commitment of all the State Agencies involved in flood risk and continues to enhance the ongoing co-ordination and co-operation between members.

Work Programme

The Group has met on ten occasions to date and has conducted an audit of the roles and responsibilities of State Agency organisations and has met with stakeholders.

The Group’s extensive Work Programme demonstrates the ongoing work and co-ordination by all State bodies to jointly and proactively address flood risk on the Shannon under the following themes of activity:

  • Physical Works
  • Maintenance
  • Water Management
  • Regulatory
  • Policy and Planning

The Group is currently progressing a number of collaborative initiatives including:

  • Developing a long-term strategic maintenance programme to halt the deterioration of the River Shannon
  • Identifying short-term targeted maintenance activities for individual locations
  • Trialing the lowering of the levels on Lough Allen
  • Assessing further possible measures to address flood risk on the Shannon Callows

Documents and Further Information

Documentation relating to the meetings of the Group, including the Agenda, Minutes and other material, is being provided on this website. Further documentation and other information will be posted here from time-to-time.

All updates and documents from the Working Group are provided on the side bar of this page.

Useful Links

Papers from Working Group Meetings

Working Group Updates and Documents

10th meeting 12 October 2018

9th meeting 18 May 2018

8th meeting 23 October 2017

7th meeting 21 March 2017

6th meeting 2 December 2016

5th meeting 18 October 2016

4th meeting 12 July 2016

3rd meeting

Meeting with Representatives from IFA and Open Day on 2016 Work Programme

2nd meeting 14 March 2016

1st meeting 1 February 2016