Statutory Consultation - Planning and Development

The Office of Public Works is a prescribed consultee for the following important strategic planning functions of Local Authorities:

Preparing, Making and Varying a Development Plan

(Section 11 , 12 and 13: Planning and Development Act, 2000) The OPW is given an opportunity to make observations on all changes to the Development Plan, including Variations, when the plan is to be reviewed and again when a draft plan has been prepared. A Development Plan may contain objectives relating to the management and avoidance of flood risk. 

Preparing Regional Planning Guidelines

(Section 24 : Planning and Development Act, 2000) The Regional Authority must consult with the OPW as part of the preparation of the Regional Policy Guidelines. 

Planning and Development Management

The OPW is a statutory consultee for major spatial plans, such as Regional Planning Guidelines, and Development Plans, under the Planning Act, 2000.